Parking Subscriptions

Parking Subscriptions


0-1 Hour 1-3 Hours 3-6 Hours 6-12 Hours 12-24 Hours 7-15 DAYS MONTHLY MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION (MULTIPLE EXITS)
AUTOMOBILE 25 40 50 75 105 840 1345 1681,25
PICKUP - MINIVAN/MINIBUS 35 45 60 80 110 880 1410 1762,50
COACH 40 50 75 95 115 920 1470 1837,50
MOTORCYCLE 20 25 30 35 50 400 640 800


Vehicles of the staff working at the airport 250.00 (MONTHLY)
The aforementioned prices are valid as from 00:01 AM, 01.01.2024.


a. In parking lots/garages equipped with an automated entry-exit vehicle recognition system, the parking fee is charged according to the entry and exit times recorded in the system. In parking lots/garages that are not equipped with an automated entry-exit system, the vehicles that cannot present a valid ticket at the exit shall pay 12-24 hours parking fee, regardless of their parking duration, if they enter and exit the very dame day.

b. Monthly subscription period covers a period of 30 days from the first entry and without any exit. In case of multiple entries-exits in the Monthly Subscription, the fee in the price list increases by 25%.

c. Thos who wash their vehicles and/or throw away wastes at the parking lots/garages shall pay double the charge of their stay at the parking lot/garage.

d. In case of not leaving the parking lot/garage within 20 minutes following the payment, the duration exceeding 20 minutes shall be charged as per the tariff.

e. Parking lot operators may offer free of charge entry-exit or discounts on the tariff price, provided that the State Airports Authority is informed.

f. For parking durations that exceed 24 hours and up to seven days, a full-day fee (12-24 hours) is collected for the full days, plus hourly fees (calculated by dividing the full-day fee by 24 and multiplying it with the hours stayed) are collected for the remaining hours.

g. For the airports, of which the terminals can only be accessed through the parking lot, and also the airports, of which parking/halting in front of the terminal is forbidden by the Security Commission, first 15-minute parking in the parking lot is free.

h. The tariff shall not be applied for the below mentioned vehicles;

(1) Vehicles of public authorities, special budgeted administrations, regulatory and supervisory organizations, social security institutions, local administrations and special budgeted organizations not included in the Law No. 5018 (including vehicles rented through service procurement) included in the general budget listed in the State Central Registration System "KAYSİS” (up to maximum 2 hours)

(2) Vehicles with corps diplomatique license plates (up to one hour),

(3) Vehicles of PRMs and veterans provided that they present their documents (up to maximum 15 days each time),

(4) Private vehicles of the 1st degree relatives of the martyrs (up to maximum 15 days each time),

(5) Private vehicles driven by the State Airports Authority personnel (including the retired personnel),

(6) Private vehicles of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation personnel for parking lots/garages operated by the State Airports Authority.


a. The fees specified herein are accrued, invoiced, and collected according to the principles of the legislation of the airport / terminal operator.

b. Parking fees are collected in cash at the exit of the parking lots/garages. Monthly subscription fees are collected in advance at the beginning of the subscription.

c. Charges in the price tariff include VAT. In the event of any in the VAT, the prices are collected accordingly.

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