Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational Health & Safety

"Providing aviation services with an innovative service and proactive management approach, we adopt our health and safety management system as an integral part of our business culture for our employees, the airport users and our stakeholders."

Gazipasa-Alanya Airport, provides aviation services with an innovative service and proactive management approach and adopts the health and safety management system as an integral part of its business culture for its employees, the airport users and its stakeholders.

We consider creating a safer and healthier work environment through a sustainable Health and Safety approach a tool for the improvement of our social and cultural structure and place utmost importance on the following principles.

-To define risks that may cause injuries and health deterioration as a result of work accidents and occupational diseases, assess near-miss incidents, manage related risks; hence, raise the health and safety standards to the intended levels,

-To integrate processes, related documentation and measures to be taken to mitigate the health and safety risks to acceptable levels; and implement them without exception,

-To adopt a work principle not to begin working without taking the existing and potential health and safety risks under control and transform this principle into a natural implementation,

-To effectively communicate with customers, administrations, stakeholders and subcontractors regarding health and safety issues to create a shared value and benefits,

-To follow up system performance with successive responsibility by adopting a principle that health and safety can only be improved by the participation of the employees,

-To implement, continuously review and improve the health and safety management system by integrating it to the corporate management applications,

-To abide by terms and conditions of the contracts, provisions of the regulations of national and international authorities, legislation and compulsory standards on health and safety,

-To support employees to raise awareness on and gain skills and competences in health and safety rules and practices

Frequently Asked Questions

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Information regarding customs procedures can be found at: www.ticaret.gov.tr
The visa office is located at the transit area on the arrivals floor of the International Terminal before the passport check points open 7/24.

Lost Property Offices

Phone: (242) 582 71 26 – 7 / (242) 582 74 26 – 7

Each airline has different procedures for domestic animals. You must inquire about this with your airline company. Most airlines do not accept birds and rodents into the cabin. These types of animals may travel in the cargo section of the aircraft. There is a restriction on the number of domestic animals accepted into the cabin.
We recommend passengers to be present at the airport 120 minutes (2 hours) prior to their flight.