Human Rights Policy

Human Rights Policy

As TAV Airports Holding and Group Companies; We place great importance on human rights, which are at the center of our business processes. We aim to provide a working environment that respects human rights, has high ethical values, is equal, inclusive, fair, safe, and liberal. We provide equal opportunities to all our employees, regardless of their race, language, age, gender, religion, ethnic origin, status, or any personal characteristics, and we request all our stakeholders to demonstrate similar management / business ethics.

In line with this approach, we strive to comply with all relevant national and international legal requirements while adhering to the evaluation criteria of international environmental and social standards, such as ILO, the IFC Performance Standards, EBRD Performance Requirements, and Equator Principles. In this regard, we pledge to;

• To respect the right of employees to unionize and engage in collective bargaining in accordance with the law, and to regulate general working conditions in accordance with national laws, and to engage in a constructive dialogue with freely chosen representatives of our employees who are represented by a legal union,
• To inform and encourage employees from the recruitment process onwards in order to provide a secure communication environment between employees and human resources, to report any violations that may occur and all kinds of unethical behaviours such as violence, physical and psychological harassment, discrimination or abuse, or disruptions the working environment.

• To manage the process of providing fair and appropriate compensation and fringe benefits to the employees, in competitive conditions according to the relevant sectors and the local labor market. To commit to collective bargaining agreement provisions, if applicable, and never fall below the minimum wage. All wages, including social fringe benefits, are to be paid in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. To support the career and personal development of the employees, to carry out training and capacity building activities in line with the needs,
• To comply with the local legal working hours in order not to exceed the maximum weekly working hours in the countries in which it operates, to encourage the employees to take regular breaks, holidays and to establish an efficient work-life balance, to comply with the relevant legal provisions and applicable professional standards during paid leave and legal holidays,

• To reject all forms of forced labour, slavery, captivity, child labour, torture and degrading treatment, as well as physical and mental abuse,

• To work by respecting the rights of the communities in the regions where we operate, by striving to reduce the negative effects on their lives by aiming to establish long-term relationships by supporting stakeholder participation, and by considering the expectations of all our stakeholders,
• To establish a relationship with all our stakeholders, including vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, on human rights issues that are important to them. To value their opinions and resolve local problems in the most appropriate manner
• To ensure that subcontractors and suppliers act in accordance with human rights and ethical rules, to respect the rights granted to local communities in the countries where they operate, and to demand that they take the necessary steps when any violation of human rights is observed,

• To promote equality of opportunity, diversity, and inclusion, to consider gender equality and human rights in planning activities, data collection, strategy development and budget preparation processes,
• To prevent discrimination based on race, language, religion, religious beliefs, sect, ethnic origin, age, duty, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, colour, physical characteristics, country of birth, marital status, pregnancy, dependents, disability, social class, union membership or political opinion, and to impose necessary sanctions on those who discriminate,
• To ensure that it is accessible to everyone by developing accessible business applications,
• To adopt a zero-tolerance approach towards all kinds of verbal, physical, psychological, sexual and/or emotional harassment, to take the necessary measures to prevent harassment and violence, and to apply appropriate sanctions in case such an event occurs,

• To apply high-level data privacy standards in accordance with the relevant legislation in order to protect the personal data of employees and to ensure that our employees comply with the relevant data privacy laws in every country where we operate, • To provide security services in a way that respects the dignity, privacy, and reputation of each person,
• ensure the confidentiality and protection of stakeholders in cases of complaints, notices, suggestions,

• To provide a decent, accident-free, healthy, and safe working environment that respects human rights,
• To collect employee feedback with suggestion and grievance mechanisms and integrate them into evaluation processes, to receive the opinions and suggestions of all employees through integrity and open communication channels, to support employees’ participation in decisions and to encourage creative work.
We hereby declare and undertake to adhere to these principles.