Accesibility Policy

Accesibility Policy


Operated by TAV Airports, Gazipaşa-Alanya Airport Terminal implemented some practices in compliance with the national and international standards to enhance the quality of life for passengers with disabilities or passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs).

1-Parking Garage:
5 parking lots have been reserved for passengers with disabilities in the parking garage. The width of the parking space is 2.15 m. Accessible parking spaces are highlighted with warning signs. In order to avoid other drivers to park their vehicles in accessible parking spaces, appropriate signs are placed to inform any misuse will be sanctioned by fines. For passengers with disabilities to be able to access accessible parking spaces easily, appropriate direction signs are placed at the entry of the parking garage showing the locations of accessible parking spaces.

2-Tactile Paving
Tactile paving with raised, flat-topped bars is applied for guidance. Flat-topped blisters on the tactile paving give warning on locations to pay attention (turn, change of direction, obstacle, etc.). Service points can be accesses via uninterrupted tactile surfaces (integrated accessibility practice with assistance totems)

3-Pedestrian Crosses
The pedestrian crosses on the way from the parking garage to terminal buildings have both tactile paving and traffic signs erected.

4-Ramps and Passage Ways
The widths of the sidewalks and ramps on the way from the parking garage to terminal buildings have been increased to 150 cm and covered with tactile paving for persons with disabilities.

5-Terminal Building Entrances
The gates at the terminal entrances and exits have spacings of 127 cm. Appropriate signage has been applied to avoid visually challenged walk into the doors.

6-Assistance Totem Service
Assistance totems, having direct phone lines to information desks and instructions in Braille, have been erected to 6 separate locations with proper lighting visible during both day- and night-times.

7-Accessible Information Desks
Information desks on the arrivals and departures floors of domestic and international terminals can be easily accessed via passengers with disabilities and were built in line with TS 9111 standards.

8-Accessible Check-in Counters
1 check-in counter within the terminal is reserved was built in line with TS 9111 standards.

9-Directions and Signage
Terminal buildings are equipped with proper direction signs for easy access of passengers with disabilities to elevators, accessible restrooms and other services provided to passengers with disabilities.

10-Accessible Restrooms
Accessible restrooms within the terminal building are equipped with an innovative system including lighting fixtures operated by movement sensors and emergency warning kit. For passengers using a wheelchair, the space within the restrooms is sufficient for moving in and turn back. The doors have proper area definitions in Braille. Accessible restrooms are in compliance with TS 9111 standards.

11-Passenger Restrooms
Whilst the International Terminal has 5 restrooms for women –1 accessible restroom, 2 unisex accessible restrooms– and 7 restrooms for men –1 accessible–; the Domestic Terminal has 2 restrooms for men –1 accessible restroom– and 2 restrooms for women –1 accessible, 1 unisex accessible restroom– with proper area definitions in Braille.

12-Lounge Seats
Seating locations and seats are reserved for passengers with disabilities throughout the lounges within the terminal building with proper signage.

13-Support Handrails
For elderly passengers and passengers with disabilities, support handrails were mounted to appropriate areas where may be required according to the structure of the area.

There are pay phones available for the use of passengers with disabilities throughout the terminal buildings.

15-PRM Pick-up & Drop-off Points
Pick-up and drop-off points have been defined with proper signage at the entrances of parking garages to pick-up and drop-off passengers. Tactile paving is applied from the pick-up and drop-off point to the entrance, assistance totems and information desks.

16-Training of Employees
Personnel who will be in direct contact with passengers with disabilities are provided training on passenger conveniences.

Special wheelchairs are available for boarding process of elderly passengers and PRM. Ambulift vehicles are used on the apron for easy boarding of these passengers. Passengers with disabilities and PRM are given priority and accompanied by an assistant during boarding.